Update on Reina

I am still in Berlin after three weeks; it seems like three days. There is so much to do and it seems that we never get caught up.
When I first got here, Reina had been released from the hospital and we picked her up after leaving the airport. Since then, she has had four follow-up appointments with her doctor. The first was to check her stitches and give her and the family care instructions: vitamins, other medications to promote healing, etc. The following week the doctor removed her drain tubes. There must have been two sets of stitches since they removed some the next visit and the rest on the last.
We had bought the family $230 in groceries to make sure Reina was eating GOOD and nourishing foods. Everyone in her family says that all she does now is eat. The doctor is very pleased with her improvement. She had gained two pounds by her doctor visit last Thursday, and another three pounds when weighed at her follow up this past Tuesday.
Reina has really come around with great improvement. She is always smiling and laughing and joking. Her demeanor has transpired from a look of pain and being scared and withdrawn to being engaging and involved; she even attended the big party the foundation put on, dancing and laughing and having a good time. It is very heartwarming and gratifying to watch her transformation unfold in such a short time.
On Tuesday, they did follow up scans and everything looks good, the doctor says no signs of cancer show up. The doctor has her beginning the follow up chemo starting today. These will be three days of treatment and three weeks off. I was surprised at how soon they began these, but the doctor is so impressed at the speed of her recovery that now was the time to complete her treatment. I am sure these are done to make sure nothing comes back even though the scans look good. We will pick her up Saturday, and it will be interesting to see how she handles the treatments.
Thanks again for all your prayers, support, and caring. I know this family really is thankful for the help they are receiving for Reina. It is life saving support that otherwise would never have been possible for them. I personally believe, as well as Reina and her family, that without the support and involvement of all of us that she would have already died.