You Can Help Support “Special Learning Processes” for Children Like Marvin

In spite of the weather conditions due to rainy season in our country, Marvin Tobar is always ready to come and learn at the Foundation.

He is 10 years old and is part of our sign language class program.

He lives with his parents and a little brother in a community called Loma Alta (approximately 40 minutes from Berlin).

Friends from Iowa Foundation is currently supporting Marvin with $60.00 per month for transportation to and from sign language class 3 days per week.

Sign language class is every Tuesday and academic reinforcement Monday and Wednesday.

In El Salvador, in spite of the efforts from the Ministry of Education to promote inclusion, it is still very hard for a student who is deaf, with a disability, or any learning impairment, to attend a regular school.

Sometimes teachers do not feel qualified to deal with what is commonly known as a “special needs kid”; this, coupled with physical and psychological abuse from other students, makes it uncomfortable for a kid to continue learning at regular schools.

Our Foundation’s public library is constantly specializing at “Special Learning Processes” for these students; we know each human being is gifted in a different way, and we love to find and promote these gifts and talents. We learn together from everyday experiences (We have found artists, singers and dancers).

Your donation is important to us and these children. 100% of donations go to our projects and students like Marvin.

$60.00 a month is making a difference for Marvin.

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