Update on Wendy

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To All,


A big thank you to all who supported Wendy financially and for the much appreciated prayers, which made her surgery a success.


Wendy was checked into the hospital last Friday, and the surgery was moved up to Saturday morning. The operation was successfully completed, and she recovered for three days in the hospital. Wendy and her Grandmother thoroughly enjoyed the accommodations that were offered at a private hospital compared to the public ones. They had a private room with an extra bed for the grandmother, a suite with full bathroom and bathing facilities (which is nice since they do not have running water at home), climate controlled room, TV, and cafeteria privileges. In just these three short days, I think they are hooked on soap operas. They were quite entertained considering they do not have a television, let alone electricity at their dwelling. Wendy was released Wednesday, and after a grueling 6 hours to get checked out, we were finally on the road to Berlin and arrived at the Foundation at 8:00PM.


Since Wendy is not completely out of the woods, yet, as her recovery goes, we decided to offer her and her family the use of one of our bedrooms at the Foundation building. It offers them the same luxuries they had at the hospital: running water, a hot shower, nice beds, TV, laundry, and food. There are many people here that she and her family are familiar with to assist with whatever they might need.  Plus, it offers close proximity for doctors to monitor her progress daily, to prescribe medications, and a much better environment to maintain sanitary and hygienic conditions.


Hopefully infections and other complications can be kept at bay and the healing can progress, so she can move on to the next stage of her recovery, which is to learn to use the function that the surgery will allow. More will be learned at Wendy’s follow-up on June 9th with the surgical doctor and hopefully the next phase can be started. Watch the slideshow for pictures of Wendy’s house (her bed, bathing area, bathroom, kitchen), loading into the truck to head to the hospital, getting settled in at the hospital room pre-surgery and then post-surgery, and getting comfortable at the Foundation.


A special thank you to our Director, Andrés Monterrosa and our Social Worker, Lorena Portillo, for their extra commitment to Wendy over the years and especially now to make this all possible. They are examples of what it means to truly “go the extra mile” and promote human dignity for those society turns a blind eye to.   


 – Jerry