Rosita: Medical Miracle

“There are no words to describe the feeling of being able to be a part of helping change a life.”

Rosita was one of our first medical miracles that we witnessed. She was a young girl of 14 living with her mother, brother, and sister-in-law in a typical house made of pieces of metal, called lamina, and an occasional board.

Their casa was perched on the side of a road that overlooked our housing project. When we first visited her upon learning of her situation, we found her 48 pound body laying crumpled up in a hammock in a comatose state surrounded by numerous women with white scarves covering their heads. They were praying over her and giving her last rites. Something just didn’t seem right.

“A fourteen year old should not be given last rites; it just did not seem fair.”

prayers for rosita

rosita 7

We were told Rosita was sent from the hospital to die at home. The only treatment she was given was pain killers to help with death. What was wrong with this picture?

The family told us that she had an autoimmune disease in which her body was destroying itself. The government-run health care system, managed by the “system,” decided that she wasn’t worthy of the $1,050 curative treatment “Because, you know, it might just be a waste of money since she could end up dying any way.” (I am sure glad that isn’t how it works here, yet.)

Upon learning of this, the first order of business was to have a private doctor give his opinion. Dr. Urrutia suggested we order a drug from Argentina that would cost a little more that $1,000.

“A THOUSAND DOLLARS for a chance at saving someone’s life! That was a no brainer.”

This was a Thursday, so it would not arrive until Tuesday of the following week. The doctor was asked if she would survive until then; he quietly muttered, “We will have to pray that she will.”

Tuesday came and her brother carried her lifeless body on his lap in a moto taxi to the doctor’s private clinic. The drug would be administered intravenously for the first week, followed by three days a week for a couple weeks, and then tapered down to a tablet orally.

“It was a miracle; her emaciated body slowly came back to life.”

First, she opened her eyes, and weeks later, she was able to sit up with the help of her mother.


Then, a couple months later, there was the shock of witnessing her walking down the road with the aid of her sister-in-law; an unbelievable surprise to our eyes! Rosita accepted my proposal of a dance the next time we met.

She continued on her recovery and was soon able to maneuver on her own, giving her some much earned independence back. She was soon able to make her own meals and gained back her lost pounds.

During that next visit, she reminded me of the promise I had made and wondered aloud if I had brought the music. We played a song on a cell phone and completed our dance.

Rosita would continue to improve over the course of the next 4 years. Going back to school was one of her priorities, and she will be passing out of the 6th grade this December at 18 years of age. Watching this young lady regain those lost years of her life has been nothing short of inspirational.

A worthy house was provided for her and her mother to live out their lives as God wills and to share the story of their miracle. One last wish was requested by Rosita:

A large rose painted on the front of her house so that everyone would know where she lived. Mission accomplished.

There are no words to describe the feeling of being able to be a part of helping change a life. GOD IS GOOD.



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