Reina and her mother, Maria, have spent six weeks in three different public hospitals: one week in a smaller hospital, another week in a large regional hospital, and a month in the largest national hospital. Reina has undergone many tests that she had to go elsewhere to get and pay for. She then brought the results back to the hospital, but has never received the results. The most recent test was a biopsy taken weeks ago of which she has not yet learned the outcome. Reina continues to be sent home from the public hospitals without getting any answers or any type of treatment. The only conversation with the doctors was that the lump is probably a tumor and her arm may need to be removed.  During the four valuable weeks that she has waited for test and biopsy reports her arm has swelled to triple in size.

Time is of the essence if there is going to be an opportunity to help her. After consulting with Reina and her mother and father, they agreed to let us take her to Our Lady Of Peace Hospital. It is a private medical center that we have received great medical care from on other cases. It is located in San Miguel, an hour drive from Berlin. Within 45 minutes of arriving at the ER, Reina was admitted and taken to an examination room, had been seen by two doctors, had an iv port installed, a consult with her and her mother, and a battery of tests ordered and started.  controlled, large screen TV, and two evening meals for both of them following the late afternoon tests.

The conversation and solemnity of the doctors and support staff indicates they are dealing with a serious and life threatening situation. We have been informed that a team of specialists will consult and the results of her tests and biopsy will be known in 3-4 days. They will then decide and proceed on a course of treatment.