A college education is out of reach for most, but for the lucky few that have or can find the resources, it gives them a big advantage in a country with upward of 40% unemployment with a burgeoning pool of unskilled, illiterate workers and a shortage of skilled trade and college graduates.

With only a handful of public universities and many more private colleges available, FFIF decided one year ago to explore the idea of providing college scholarships. A nineteen year old girl, Natalie, was selected as our first recipient of a college scholarship good toward a two-year degree. This allows us the real-time, hands on information needed to share with others who may wish to help fund scholarships for others. The total for this higher education is a little under $2000 per year ($1980 for Natalie) and includes transportation, food, books, supplies, tuition, and labs.

Quite the bargain when compared to higher education costs in the U.S., and what an investment in the youth, their families, and the future of their country.